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ABOUT CANADA :Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the world’s second-largest country by total area. Careers Opportunities in Canada
Canada Jobs – There are many easy methods to find a job in Canada like internet, Recruiting Agencies, Personal Relations, Career Center & Fairs, Human Resource & Skill Development Canada, Newspapers & Application directly to the companies, regardless of the type of job you’re looking for, the more ways you use, the better your odds.
The profiles most in demand are those of workers, electrician, civil, mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Software. Metallurgical. Marine, Quality & Safety engineers, HR Executive, Food Packers, Fish Packers & Cutters, Waiters, Receptionists, Store Keeper, Drivers, Sales Executive and much more.
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Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong national workforce.

WHY SECURITY GUARD IN CANADA :  A security guard license allows you to work in a job where you mainly protect persons or property. … If you are currently licensed from another Canadian province or territory, you might be exempt from Ontario training and testing. Every single Canadian specialist have the privilege to work in a sheltered and sound condition. The Government of Canada secures your rights through laws, projects, and administrations intended to counteract mishaps and wounds at work. To take in more about well being and security in the work environment.
In Canada, government and common laws secure specialists and Definition of bosses. Laws set Definition of the lowest pay permitted by law levels, well being and security guidelines, and hours of work. Human rights laws shield representatives from being dealt with unjustifiably due to their sex, age, race, religion, or handicap.Canada has laws to shield labourers from Definition of separation. For instance, a business must contract workers in view of their capabilities. Managers can’t decline to employ somebody since they don’t care for their skin shading or religion.Business Standards give nitty-gritty data on points, for example, general occasions, yearly get-away, hours of work, least wages, cutback techniques, and severance pay. Remember that measures differ from region to territory.


Founded in 1965, THE INDUSTRIAL STORE has over 50 years of tradition of safety at work! Acquired in 1985 by Micheline and Pierre La Rochelle, the company has developed expertise in the distribution and sale of work uniforms, safety shoes and personal protective equipment. In 2005, LE MAGASIN INDUSTRIEL moved to its new building located at 565 Main Street in Granby. With a sales area four times larger than its former premises, customers can now enjoy a shopping experience offering a much wider choice in the environment of a unique shop of worker. In 2012, under the tutelage of Pierre Larochelle, the management of the INDUSTRIAL SHOP is supported by his son Simon Larochelle and Sébastien Mailhot who will act as the new general manager. In 2015, Sébastien Mailhot acquires the company and becomes its new president.Today, THE INDUSTRIAL SHOP offers workers, entrepreneurs, industries and businesses in the region.The widest choice of work shoes.
A full range of uniforms and work clothes.
A department of EMBROIDERY and sewing.
The largest MOBILE UNIT in Canada. Personal protective equipment (helmets, safety goggles, shells, high-visibility clothing, raincoats, primary care items, face masks, gloves, harnesses, fall arrest accessories, etc.).
Our mission is to offer you advice and guidance according to your specific needs in terms of workplace safety.

*Requirements and working conditions
*Educational level : Secondary Completed
Years of experience related to the job offer :7 to 11 months experience
Languages asked for : spoken languages : French
written languages : English ,French or Spanish
Salary offered : according to experience of : 16,00$ to : 18,00$ – per hour
Number of hours per week : 40,00
Job status : permanent And Part time Jobs

JOBS CATEGORY : Tomato Picker Vacancy In Canada
Everyone can apply for any categories. There is no specification. We have more than 2500 job available. You can apply for the following position:

Tomato Picker – 400+ People Needed
Salary :
Tomato Picker :$2100
Note :- All jobs are currently uploaded so first read the care fully then choose any one if you are interested then apply for Canada Tomato Picker Jobs

Minimum Requirement :

Must be able to read and speak English
Must be at least 1/ 2 years experience in the post above
Age should be above 22 and less than 40
Valid Document & passport

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